Pumpkin Spice Latte May Not Be So Nice For Your Skin and Health


It’s Fall, which means pumpkin spice lattes (PSL) are being advertised everywhere! What seems like the perfect fall drink may actually be harmful to our health and skin.

A #PSL can contain carrageenan, hormone and antibiotic laden milk, 50 grams of sugar in a grande (yikes), artificial flavours, sulfites, and condensed milk (making it non-vegan even with soy milk). Surprisingly, PSL doesn’t even contain real pumpkin.

The amount of sugar and milk used in these lattes can actually contribute to acne flare-ups and aging. Milk contains a disaccharide called lactose, which is made by combing two sugar molecules called glucose and galactose. Sugar is also a big contributor to skin aging due to glycosylation- stay tune for this upcoming blog on sugar and aging. Finally, research studies have found that skim milk can contribute to acne, specifically in adolescent males and females [1,2].

In health and beauty,
Dr. L

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