Mind, Body, Clean: My 14-day Detox Journey

So yesterday was Day 1 of my detox journey.The day started off with an egg and a protein-packed detox smoothie. I felt fine up until 4 pm, when my energy went low and I was craving chocolate and coffee. Healthy snacks didn’t seem to curb my sugar cravings, so I decided to take a mid-afternoon nap. This detox has helped me realize how dependant I was on sugary foods and stimulants to get me through the day. I’ve also noticed that I want to snack of food whenever I watch TV, which means limiting my TV time while on this detox. I’ve replaced TV time with restorative yoga and walking.

On day 2 of the detox journey, I woke up with a lot of energy. I made a smoothie, an egg and a mint tea for breakfast. For lunch, I had left-overs from the night before (detox bowl and salmon). My snacks included brown rice cake with almond butter, protein smoothie (the second one of the day), and raspberries (aka nature’s candies). I’m eating 5-6 small protein-packed meals during the day to help stabilize my blood sugar levels and reduce carbohydrate cravings. Dinner involved ginger chicken, quinoa, and roasted vegetables. I also added sunflower sprouts and cilantro to the meal- extra detoxifying and nutritious. I also did a 1 hour restorative yoga class and 15-minutes sauna. Tomorrow, I plan to go to hot yoga!

In health and beauty,
Dr. L

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